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Music Tuition

We are not currently offering tuition but ask us and we may be able to put you in touch with a suitable teacher.

Everyone has a different way of learning. Music is usually taught in just one way - the way it's always been taught.

If you are someone who does not learn easily that way you probably didn't like piano lessons as a child or music lessons at school. You may have been told to mime in assembly! Or that you had no ear for music.

Music enters our consciousness through the ears; so why is so much music teaching centred on reading? Why are we not taught to hear properly before we are taught to read and play?

At Pied Piper Pianos we believe that everyone can make music, we do teach music reading and technique, but we concentrate first on finding out how you learn, do you see music as colour? Hear or see patterns? Tones? Shades? Rhythms? Do you think in words or pictures? Do you have difficulty reading small text? Do horizontal lines bother you?

We specialise in piano lessons for beginners, children or open minded adults, or people who can already play but want to understand chords and chord sequences, song patterns, rhythms, improvisation, playing by ear, or from memory and all those other things your music teacher told you not to do! If you have been told you are tone deaf we can show you that you are probably not!

If learning music isn't fun you or your child will not keep it up, you won't practise, you won't learn and most importantly of all you won't express yourself fully.

Come and try a less formal way of learning music come and have fun and express yourself in music.

We also teach guitar and didgeridoo and have given voice tuition and music theory lessons

Our lessons are not the cheapest but we are not burdened with too many music qualifications!

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