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Angus and Julia Stone
Delightful duo from Australia - this brother and sister group are going places - watch this space.

Ash Mandrake
Another stunning performer. "You ain't seen nothin' like this!" Bard, poet, guitar virtuoso, inventor, nutter and thoroughly nice man. Catch him wherever you can.

A regular performer at Pied Piper Pianos and elsewhere in Haworth but a true Troubadour. Tours countrywide

Solar powered internet!!!

Bill Dinsdale Guitars
Individually designed guitars - hand made in Haworth

Captain of the Lost Waves
Our friend the Captain has played at our events.
And you might here us on his albums too
(Who is Fat Freddy?)

Stunning performer and raconteur - a must-see live
But buy his albums too

A great source of genuine termite hollowed aborigine produced didges. Hunderds of instruments and a really cool site with lots of didge info and also on aboriginal issues. Buy on line or come into our shop - we stock didjshop didges as well as others.

We support Fairtrade and Haworth as a fairtrade village.

Haworth Village
Only go onto this site if you have a few hours to spare! Once you get into the time lapse and 360 degree photos you won't want to leave. Essential information for anyone interested in Haworth. See if you can find my favourite - the Sparrowhawk.

Jane Sedgwick
Jane's work is regularly exhibited in our gallery and is always available for sale here

Jenny Bliss
Another performer at our music events
Rarely do 'multi-instrumentalists excel at all their instruments. Jenny does - and her voice too

Check out her video with Ash Mandrake


Kiya Survivors
A Children's charity in Peru supported by people in Haworth.
Part of the Haworth and Machu Picchu Twin Town link.
Why not volunteer and go out to Peru to help - or sponsor a child from the comfort of your own living room.

International Piano Sales
Database of piano sales and services

Another kokopelli site with books

Machu Picchu images
Page upon page of google images of Machu Picchu.
Including one from the fantastic film The Motorcycle Diaries. (Diarios De Motocicleta)

Machu Picchu UNESCO World Heritage Site
Haworth's twin Town Machu Picchu Pueblo is at the foot of the world famous Inca ruins,a World Heritage Site since 1983. All details on this link

Maggie Boyle
The website of our beautiful friend Maggie who passed away on 6th November 2014. The website is being maintained by friends as a tribute to her life and music. Her death has left a huge gap in many people's lives.

Musical Access
The work of Michael Dunn making music with adults who have learning disabilities

Musicians Centre
Keighley's Musicians Centre has grown in recent years. Offering music tuition on a variety of instruments and a full online music store. Now also a shop in Hebden Bridge

Noggin The Nog
There's only one Noggin the Nog!
Switch on your speakers for the full experience - a nostalgic journey for those of you of a certain age

Sonia's Smile
Fairtrade shop on Haworth Main Street and originator of the idea of Haworth as a Fairtrade Village

The Accordion Shop
A Rochdale based shop with a wide range of accordions - we must get over there and visit sometime

The Brothers Gillespie
Perfect 'sibling harmonies' and authentic border folk tunes and beyond. We hope they will be coming back to play here at the shop. Albums available for sale at their website

The Old Registry - Haworth
Located right at the bottom of Haworth's famous Main Street this guest house is a fantastic place to stay with great food and lovely hosts Paula and Paul (and baby Evie)

The Reed Lounge
Excellent supplier of reed instruments:
Accordions, Melodions, Concertinas

Guided by expert Murray Grainger you are sure to find the best instrument for you.

New instruments - Whole Voice singing - Music for children - Sacred Song. Training in singing and music - "a new paradigm to voice work"

Twin Town Group
We don't have our own website yet but the Haworth and Machu Picchu Twin Town Group have their own page on the Haworth Village website. Background information, minutes of the latest meetings and news of what's on can all be found here

Wolds Collective - EcoFest and Small World Music Festival
An amazing location rising out of the Lincolnshire plains, with far views of the Cathedral and on the edge of a nature reserve. Badger Farm is a special place. There are three events there each years (see our events page), two festivals and a Healing Weekend.

These festivals are no longer running but as I have performed there solo and with Arcomnia and Pepperjam I am leaving the link to their website - lots of great photo memories and a video or two

Worth Valley Mag
A free door-to-door magazine and website for the entire Worth Valley and beyond. Adverts and opinions and interesting features. Putting the community in touch.

Watch out for our adverts from time to time and special offers

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