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Sound Therapy

Healing using music and sound has appeared in written histories from the earliest times. The Ancient Greeks used music to heal mental disorders; Stone-age and Egyptian tombs are designed to resonate at specific frequencies; the Australian aborigines have used the healing didgeridoo, as far as we know, through a continuous culture spanning maybe 40,000 years. Chants and sounds have been used in healing ceremonies in all cultures everywhere in the world. Our logo Kokopelli is an ancient North American symbol of good fortune and fertility, his magic pipe-playing bringing health to the tribe.

In recent times science has mainly supplanted music and other natural therapies as the main way of treating illness but there is growing interest in learning from ancient cultures and many scientists are open minded about such topics as healing with sound.

Sound - as vibration- acts directly on our bodies, especially our glands and nervous systems. Science is now taking seriously how these vibrations can be used to treat our malfunctioning bodies. (See article on sleep apnoea and didge playing)

Sound - as energy - can be used to charge up and clear our own energy. Again the modern world is becoming aware that the energies spoken of in ancient philosophies may actually exist, that the flow of these energies in our bodies may be essential for our health. The rising interest in Yoga, Tai Chi, Acupuncture and other energy systems attests to our opening awareness.

At Pied Piper Pianos we have been studying and working with sound as a healing tool for several years. We have looked at various ways of using sound and we have experienced and experimented with these systems. We believe that sound can be used to heal and we offer this FREE to anyone who wishes to experience it.

We also offer workshops, performances and tuition in sound. We have played for home teaching groups, workshops, festivals, conferences, bands and individuals and will be out and about in 2009 healing with sound. Watch our events page.

Corporate Training
We are pleased to offer these services as part of team building or confidence building training; vocals, didge, drums and other instruments are ideal tools for getting the most out or your workforce. Call and find out what we can offer.

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