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How do you spell Didgeridoo? Didjeridu? Didgeridu? Didjeridoo? Dijeridu? It was called many things by its original users, Yidaki is one of the most common. The word didgeridoo is, I suspect, onomatopoetic - imitating the sound made by the instrument itself and introduced by white settlers. I'd like to call it Yidaki, but not everyone knows what that is so lets call it a DIDGE

Andy Wood has been playing didge for many years. Typically, his first didges were cheap and simple - bamboo, plastic pipes, vaccuum cleaner hoses! Then a friend brought a proper termite-hollowed didge back from Perth Australia and Andy was hooked.

"I can remember the first time I heard the sound of a didge - I have to admit it was Rolf Harris! - I would have been about 7 and I was fascinated - the deep drone was a fantastic primeval sound, but I could hear other sounds too, I didn't know then but they were Harmonics"

At Pied Piper Pianos we play didge, teach didge, demonstrate didge, (book us for your group or school) import didges, sell didges, buy didges, paint didges, heal with didges, meditate with didges, travel with didges (so much easier than a grand piano), we circular-breathe, sing into didges, study didges... we like didges.

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